All persons interested will please take notice that there has been filed with the Board of Trustees of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, petitions applying for the transfers of allotments of Weber Basin water from lands in Sections 4 & 9, Township 4 North, Range 4 East, Salt Lake Base & Meridian, Morgan County, Utah. A copy of the petitions for transfer containing the description of lands to which such water has heretofore been allotted and the lands to which it is proposed the said water be transferred and the terms and conditions of which the transfer is petitioned for is on file in the office of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Layton, Utah, for public inspection. The name of the petitioners and the amount of water, in acre feet, for which the transfer applies, is as follows:
M Wayne Crouch Living Trust 6.2 a.f.
The Board of Trustees of the District will meet in public session at District Headquarters, 2837 E. Highway 193, Layton, Utah, at 9:00 A.M., Thursday, June 29, 2017, to consider said petitions and any and all objections that may be presented in writing by any person showing cause why said petitions for transfer should not be granted. All persons interested may appear at such hearing and show cause in writing why said petition, or any thereof, should not be granted. Failure of any person to show cause in writing as aforesaid, shall be deemed an assent on his part to the granting of said petition.
The Board will at such meeting, or at a subsequent meeting adjourned therefrom, accept or reject the petition. Published in The Morgan County News, June, 16, & 23, 2017

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